Superior Company Management

Diverse Expertise

JLT Barbados manages both International Business Companies (IBCs), Societies with Restricted Liability (SRLs) and a variety of other offshore business entities. If your company is licensed or incorporated in Barbados, our professionals can expertly manage your business functions, no matter how small or large.

The management professionals of JLT Barbados provide turnkey management services to companies in a wide spectrum of industries, including:

• Retail

• Manufacturing

• Telecommunications

• Medical

• Mining

• Technology

We partner with public, multinational companies—including Fortune 500 companies—and with privately held firms. Our global portfolio gives testament to the value we deliver.

As one of the world’s leading independent management companies, JLT Barbados delivers solutions that meet your most difficult business challenges. Our dedicated administrative, technical and professional personnel provide back office processing services, including:

• Financial statement reporting

• Compliance verification of transactions, ensuring the highest level of compliance

• Payroll tax and benefit processing

JLT Barbados also can serve as company directors and officers upon request, while providing dedicated office space to clients requiring a more established presence in Barbados.